Growing up in Europe I was able to find my scholastic path early on. After completing junior high,
I was able to test for entrance to a high school that specializes in the arts and was accepted.
Being a graphic designer is not just my passion, but my purpose in life; I was made for this.
In reviewing my résumé you will notice that it took me some time, approximately 10 years, to complete my formal education. Do not let the length of time lead you to believe that I lack the drive and determination needed to be successful. During that time I have become a mother to three and have spent the better part of the last 5 years working to ensure that my son, who has been diagnosed with ASD, receives all of the assistance available to help him succeed in life. During that same period of time, I remained diligent in my studies and maintained my enrollment throughout.
As a point of reference, AAU was kind enough to recognize my commitment to my education by awarding me with a Presidential Scholarship in 2015.
Much of what I have learned on my path to a BFA from AAU can be found on the accompanying résumé and so I will spare you the obligatory outlining of my training and technical skills. What the résumé will not show is the unique opportunity I was afforded to learn who I am as a designer over the course of my formal education.
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